The LX2 - A camera before its time.

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Re: The LX2 - A camera before its time.

I recall the number one reason I looked at Panasonic as a brand leader in compact P&S cameras with RAW and manual controls was their unique approach with a 16:9 sensor on the LX2.  Because the LX3 was impending at the time I waited for its successor to launch before actually buying Panasonic, but when I got it I do remember being a bit disappointed that the LX3 returned to a 4:3 sensor.

Although I'm sure other users enjoy 4:3 and 1:1 on the LX3, I used it purely in 16:9 with the express purpose of eventually displaying photos on 4K UHDTV at 3840x2160.  The resolution is more than sufficient and even as I've added a Nikon D700 I still crop to 16:9 for the same purpose.  The fact that the LX2 produced this resolution natively and with a lens optimized for that aspect ratio was indeed quite forward looking in retrospect.

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