Any mft's shooters thinking of jumping ship for FF nex

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David Kieltyka
David Kieltyka Veteran Member • Posts: 5,137
Nah, no interest

I spent a couple minutes some days ago thinking about the lenses I'd want to use with a 35mm-format NEX. A very wide...21 or 24mm. A moderate wide/normal like 35 or 40mm. (Love the Pany 20mm on m43 and the Leitz 40mm on Leica M.) Maybe a fast 50mm if it were a really good one. An 85/90mm for people pics & greater reach. Nothing longer than 135mm due to size & weight. No zooms...good ones would be too bulky & heavy on an NEX camera, while smaller & lighter ones would be too slow to take proper advantage of the larger format's strengths. Given Sony's track record, though, I suspect we'd be more likely to get those slow zooms than the high-IQ fast primes I'd want.

Then I thought about my OM-D5 and the 12/20/45/75mm lenses I've become so fond of over the past four months. Am I lacking anything a "full frame" NEX could provide? Especially considering the super-fast Voigtlanders? And the fact that I don't print anything wider or taller than 18"?

Nope. So pppfffttt...forget the Sony.


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