Any mft's shooters thinking of jumping ship for FF nex

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Re: Any M4/3 shooters thinking of FF NEX?

RichRMA wrote:

The rumour is $4000.00 for the body. Sony kind of painted themselves into a corner with the crazy $2800 price on the RX1. You'd have to be a big fan of compactness to buy it instead of $3000 for Nikon D800 or $2000 for a Nikon D600 DSLR.

I'd be very interested, so I could adapt all my manual lenses. For $4000? No Way Jose!

There's also no way I'd ever carry a huge, heavy D600 or D800. EVER. I skipped buying into DSLRs in the hope that someday, some manufacturer would release a FF body of the size of my 35mm Nikon FM2, specifically. Size, the ability to adapt lenses from ANY system and real Live View (via Constant Preview in M mode) are the main reasons I bought a GH2. And yes, at the time I had considered a D300 and D7000, but always walked away because of the unwieldy size and weight.

I was able to handle a Sony RX1 for the first time today. It's about the same size as my GX1! If it had a built-in EVF and an interchangeable lens mount, I might have bought one on the spot. Then, if they were available, ordered a pile of lens adaptors from Rainbow Imaging for Nikon F, Olympus OM and Leica M and L mounts. That and my Voigtländer 35mm f1.4 would be a fantastic little kit!

So, yeah, I'm definitely interested! But I WOULD keep my M4/3 kit, primarily for my Voigtländer Nokton 25mm f0.95 (I've got a 42.5mm on pre-order), SLR Magic Hyperprime 12mm and the 7-14mm.

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