Any mft's shooters thinking of jumping ship for FF nex

Started Jul 22, 2013 | Discussions thread
mh2000 Senior Member • Posts: 2,813

forest3 wrote:

With possible rumoured release of FF nex , anyone out there considering jumping ship for what maybe a smaller compact FF system with all the benefits of superior sensor  , although i imagine it will be costly . Mft could come under more pressure if smaller FF systems come onto the market ,there have been rumours of such from fuji and pentax . we can all see what can be done with RX1 although not interchangeable yet .

I'm not that interested in buying into a new expensive system when I'm happy enough shooting what I have, but if they went along the lines of rangefinder like lenses the size could be kept down... they'd need to develop a fancy sensor like the Leica to preserve corner performance though and drive the cost even higher!

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