Photography Newb: What am I missing? What don't I need?

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Re: Photography Newb: What am I missing? What don't I need?

Who Is Christopher wrote:

I am very new to photography and am jumping in feet first here. I plan to explore lots of different facets of photography. I hope you'll indulge some newbie questions and forgive my ignorance.

I'm starting a new photography hobby and have inherited and/or purchased the following lenses and equipment for my new Canon EOS 7D :

Which, if any, of these lenses is redundant? Would the money I've spent on these be better spent on another lens or different piece of equipment?

Do I need filters for these lenses? What do I need to keep in mind when purchasing filters? My understanding is (please correct me) that UV filters are primarily used to protect the lenses. Do I need polarizing filters too? Or any other kind?

What about photo editing software? Where should I start? Right now I have PaintShop Pro X5. Should I spend the big bucks and invest in Photoshop?

I also have the following items:

I may be getting some equipment for portraits: lights, umbrellas, backdrops, etc. What about additional flashes? What should I purchase? I am considering Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite Flash or Canon Speedlite 430EX II Flash.

What about gels? Diffusers?

Where am I going astray? Am I on track? Overdoing it? Missing something vital I'll regret later?

Please forgive me if I am asking too much at once. I appreciate any and all advice you have to give. Thank you so much

I'm not far removed from being a noob, but here are my thoughts:

-Get a flash. I waited a couple years, kept thinking I don't need one. Ended up purchasing for use shooting folks at my wife's company year end ball. I was "wow'd" by the results. Since then, I've played with it and realized a flash should have been one of my earlier purchases. I use Sony, A57, so I purchased the HVL-F43AM ( ) referenced for the heck of it. The sell a higher end flash, but for my uses, it is perfect.

-Your 70-300 & 18-135 will provide you options. Decent standard zoom & a good walk around. If you are after higher quality over quantity ~ (not sure the cost of those) you might have put all that money into a single higher quality lens. I started with an 18-55 (kit) & a 75-300. I've only managed to add the 35mm 1.8, all "basic" lenses. I'm torn at the moment, because I am not sure where I want to go: higher quality replacements or Macro.

Decide what you are going for and stick to it. You'll end up with higher quality equipment sooner, depending on your budget. If you want Macro (example) then focus your funds on getting the best lenses/equipment you can for that. If you want options, purchase the basic lenses/equipment that will provide you those options. You can always upgrade whichever area you find yourself focusing on.

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