Any mft's shooters thinking of jumping ship for FF nex

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Pluses and minuses


  • Shallower DOF
  • More pleasing bokeh
  • DR - though that remains to be quantified
  • More MP... if you need it
  • Higher ISO... if you need it
  • wider AOV for a given focal length


  • Expensive
  • Not much glass
  • Larger glass
  • More expensive glass
  • Poor telephoto performance (wider AOV for a given focal length)

If we take the RX1 as a baseline for price, expect a FF NEX to sell for around $2500-$3k with a good  general purpose zoom. About twice what an OMD with kit zoom and grip goes for.

Taking the A99 as a measure of expected DR... judging by shots I've seen posted, it's better than, say, the OMD, but not that much better. Diminishing returns.

Same for higher ISO - 3200 keeps me reasonably happy. May not satisfy everyone, but it's not worth the cost and the bulk to get a clean 12600.

Lens selection in general... true that you can use existing FF optimized Zeiss Alpha lenses on this, but if you think 4/3 ZD lenses were large on an OMD, FF Zeiss lenses  will be gigantic on a tiny NEX body. My experience with HG and SHG ZD on a Pen body was - very clumsy handling.

Telephoto - forget it.

In my case... thanks, but no thanks. The benefits do not outweigh the drawbacks.

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