The Amazing D200.

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Is Nikon CCD really better?

jimoyer wrote:,

Perhaps that's because you're looking at a processed image after being converted from NEF to JPEG, and after going through whatever DPR does to them and I'm comparing original image/file to original image/file.

Because whatever DPR does to images is done to both images, the result will surely be the same - if there is a discernible difference between 2 images it will surely show up.

I've just bought a D200 to go with my D700 and am looking forward to testing side by side (I have a very demanding low light situation that I hope the D200 will work in).

I was hoping to see something quantifiable in this thread but I have not, as yet.

I believe the difference you saw is due to a slightly different focus point between the two cameras. If you check the main purple petal that is in focus you should see slightly more detail in the D200, but it is so slight as to be almost not worth talking about.

The D7100 should show more detail, but this is not the image to demonstrate that.

As far as making sure the exposure is spot on and whether it's my fault or the camera's the point of the exercise was not a scientific comparison at absolute identical EV's, angles, etc. I grabbed a flower, set it on a table, grabbed a chair, sat in it, used the same lens on both bodies, set the aperture and shutter speed to identical values and took the images within several seconds of each other, with no external exposure compensation, etc. to present two images exactly as the camera presents them at identical aperture and shutter speed.

And we thank you for doing that.

However, because the images are not set identically for exposure (which is easily doen in PP), that has lead to at least one viewer thinking that the D7100 is inferior in some way.

The only CCD camera I have seen which produces images way above its station is the tiny sensor, Fuji S100fs, a 2/3" sensor bridge camera from 2008.

How about this, from the I-R Comparometer:

The Fuji used what they called a Super CCD design, and produces amazing JPEG and RAW images, way beyond its size expectations.  That red swatch, for example, is not handled cleanly by virtually any APS-C camera, even current-era ones.

I know Fuji's Super CCD is superior to similar CMOS designs, but I cannot get a similar result for the D200. I'm keen to see, though.

I do appreciate your input though.

Well, because I do a lot of tests (and get plenty of criticism from folk for one reason or another) I'm keen to see if I can find any way to show that "ordinary" CCDs really do do a better job.

I'm beginning to doubt it.

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