Warning - Nikon REFUSES to replace equipment they cannot fix, even if under warranty part 2

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Mako2011 wrote:

Sammy Yousef wrote:

BirgerH wrote:

Solving the OP's problem has nothing to do with Nikon.

That's mind boggling. How anyone can think a faulty camera and multiple repairs is not the fault of the manufacturer.

No one said it wasn't. Your confusing the repair process with the manufacturing process.

No I'm not. "Solving the OP's problem has nothing to do with Nikon" is not an ambiguous statement.

Nikon attempted and failed to do the repair several times.

The Nikon repair facility the OP used in this case...is Not Nikon USA.

That's fine. Which country's implied warranty regulations would you like me to look up exactly? Most are very comparable and differ only in the detail of who's responsible in the first instance.

Nikon do not allow 3rd parties to purchase parts from them anymore.

Not sure that policy holds with the independents in Europe.

European Union laws may prevent them from doing so....so they just strongly discourage


It looks like they've had to waver a little in the US as well


Hardly consumer friendly behaviour...

Nikon also don't supply their service software to third parties. Therefore there is no one except Nikon that can do the repair whether parts are needed or firmware parameters need adjusting.

In the US that is true. It's done to combat grey market competition (Nikon USA is in direct competition with Grey Market).

Don't care why it's done. The consumer shouldn't need to. If Nikon USA can't compete with other Nikon supply chains it shouldn't exist. That's capitalism. But it's none of my business as a consumer. Nikon can run their business however they choose and I and others will choose whether or not to bother dealing with them. Being customer hostile is a guaranteed recipe for disaster in the medium to long term. In 10 years we may be speaking of Nikon the way we're now speaking of Kodak or a dozen other imaging companies that got it wrong and failed despite a long history peppered with good products.

Now it may be true that the retailer is responsible and the buck stops with them to ensure the goods they sell work, but they can send the camera to the manufacturer for repair or have the buyer do so as an attempt to rectify the situation.

Not necessarily. The repair facilities, world wide, have different agreements with the manufacture. Works very different from how Canon works.

Regardless as soon as they accepted the camera for repair it's their responsibility to it correctly.

I'm not aware of anywhere that's against the law. Once Nikon accepts the camera for repair they're involved and responsible.

There are nuances. Certain Nikon repair facilities in Europe will accept a US body, and then the terms get fuzzy.

If they want to stick only to the letter of the law that's fine. Another company willing to actually assist the customer instead of relying on the letter of the law will get the customer's business next time around. They're shooting themselves square in the foot.

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