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Re: Beautiful image…which lens? (no text)

Trevor G wrote:

jimoyer wrote:

. The D7100 image definitely shows more detail

I don't know where. Not here, in the way you have presented them, anyway.

Look at the vein structure in the purple flower - even though focus point is different between the two of them, there is more detail visible in the D200 version, both in the translucent part and in the lower part of the purple petal as well.

Color wise, it really doesn't show as clearly here as the original files do, but the D200 colors are much deeper and smoother than the D7100 files.

That might be because the D7100 image is over-exposed by 0.3 EV.

That's not the camera's fault - it's up to you to make sure that your exposures are spot on, using the RGB+L histogram, and adjusting EV comp when shooting, or master exposure control during PP.

In the sizes you have made available, and with exposure matched, there is no discernible difference between the two images, except that the vein structure is very slighly more visible in the D200 shot. Very slightly.


Perhaps that's because you're looking at a processed image after being converted from NEF to JPEG, and after going through whatever DPR does to them and I'm comparing original image/file to original image/file.

As far as making sure the exposure is spot on and whether it's my fault or the camera's the point of the exercise was not a scientific comparison at absolute identical EV's, angles, etc. I grabbed a flower, set it on a table, grabbed a chair, sat in it, used the same lens on both bodies, set the aperture and shutter speed to identical values and took the images within several seconds of each other, with no external exposure compensation, etc. to present two images exactly as the camera presents them at identical aperture and shutter speed.

I do appreciate your input though.

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