How long until I can record images with my mind?

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Re: How long until I can record images with my mind?

Mikhail Tal wrote:

D Cox wrote:

You can already record images with your mind, unless you are completely lacking in visual memory. If I say "Barack Obama", you probably see a picture of him in your mind, which you recorded previously.

I have occasionally met people who claim to have no visual memory, but they are unusual.

The quality of ones visual memory can be improved by working hard on drawing and painting skills. In order to draw something, you have to look at it, memorize what you see, and then draw from the memory until it fades. Then you have another look, draw some more, and so on.

I guess that means you don't have an answer to my actual question. Thanks for playing, please try again.

The answer is 2,456 years, 235 days, 14 hours and 6 mins.

By then you will be dead, bad luck.

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