Black/white photos seem sepia on my new Asus Vivobook

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Splendid settings, use a color managed viewer

Errrwin wrote:

Hi guys,

I recently bought an ASUS VIVOBOOK S550CB-CJ088H. Installed LR5 for some of my amateur photography (mainly black/white streetphotography) but now photographs I know should be in black/white turn up brownish/sepia-ish on my screen.

It looks like your Asus model has a feature they're calling "Splendid", which may be trying to enhance the colors in some cases. See your models features here:

So, I'd probably disable anything that is trying to enhance the look of images if possible.


The weird thing is that the photograph which is resized by Wordpress shows up in black/white as it is supposed too.


Original photo is shot in fullcolorur RAW imported as DNG in LR5 and processed there. Exported to jpg and uploaded to Wordpress.

I'm not seeing any issues with those photos (both look B&W to me with no color casts when using Firefox.

But, the smaller image does not have any embedded profile; and the larger image does have a correct sRGB profile embedded.

Smaller Image (no embedded profile), as you can see from Jeffrey's Exif Viewer.

Large Image (correct embedded sRGB Profile). You can expand the color profile section at the bottom for more info, but the embedded profile is the correct one for an sRGB image.

So, your display settings are probably causing the issues, especially if the image with a profile looks wrong.. As others have mentioned, you may need to calibrate it.

Or, you may be trying to view them with a browser that's not color managed. Or, you may be trying to view them with a browser that only supports Version 2 profiles when using a Version 4 profile (as not all browsers support v4 profiles).

If the viewers or internet browsers you're using are not color managed, that may be part of the problem, even if you're using a calibrated display with the correct (color managed) .icc profile set as the default in Windows color management settings.

BTW, here's a good add-on for Firefox for setting your basic color management preferences:

I keep mine set as follows (and I point my install to a specific profile, versus using the System defaults). You can go to Tools>Add-ons and you'll see a Preferences button after that add-on is installed (and a restart of Firefox is required after any changes).

Basic Section:

View: original size

Advanced Section:

View: original size

Here's a good test to see if your browsers support v2 and/or v4 profiles:

As previously mentioned, some browsers will only work properly with v2 profiles.

BTW, here's another very good test page:

If you roll your mouse over the top left image on that page and it looks identical the way it looks without a mouse over, then your browser is color managed.

Without a mouse over the image is tagged as Adobe RGB, and with a mouse over you're seeing an image tagged as sRGB. With my Firefox and Chrome installs, the images are identical, with or without a mouse over. But, if I use a non color managed browser (for example, Aurora), the Adobe RGB tagged image looks very dull and flat in comparison. So, seeing how your different browsers react to a mouse over should give you an idea of how they work:

Here's a post about a "trick" I'll sometimes use to make a v4 profile work properly (as it appears to convert them to a v2 profile), just by stepping through the calibration screens without making any changes and saving a new profile.

Or, if you don't have any profile you're using, it can also create one via "eye balling" and saving a new one.  But, it's not going to be very accurate compared to one created using calibration hardware.

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