Damselfly - almost but not quite!

Started Jul 20, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Another attempt

Although no one expresses any love for this photo, I think it is potentially interesting if I can pull of the lighting and focus.

This morning I went out and stalked the damselfly.

I ran off quite a few shots, but only one was close to being in focus.  And once again they were underexposed.  I need to dial in about +.7 to +1.

I think the emphasis on the face is improved, and the lighting has more dramatic impact, but the underexposure has created murky areas.   I guess I could do a better job of massaging it in PS Elements, but the shot needs to be improved in other ways that aren't the fault of image processing.

I'm struggly with focus.  I've tried autofocus with single-focus point and it fails most of the time.  Expanding to a higher number of points doesn't help.

Manually focusing just doesn't work for me.  These are hand held, and what looks like it's in focus through the viewfinder almost never is.  Tripod/monopod wouldn't work for these creatures.

I've never really used live view.   Do people use it for macro?

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