Black/white photos seem sepia on my new Asus Vivobook

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Re: Black/white photos seem sepia on my new Asus Vivobook

bolador wrote:

I had the dame issue.
Is not monitor calibration.
It isn't something in colour configuration.
I'll comment back with a real answer when I get back home.. don't mess up with the monitor.. it is not guilty but your video drivers messing with windows perhaps...

Well here I am...

In windows Seven (is may case)

go to color administration (search in the line over the Start button)

in Device (first tab) search in Device (fist line ) scroll down and select your monitor.

Then in the bigger box below it reads "Profiles ICC"

I added " Adobe RGB (1998) D65 WP 2.2 gamma" and problem was solved...


Disclaimer: I have no idea if this profile is the best to be used, I only know that sepia thing went away. there was a Samsung profile there originally..


My Windows is not in English so I translated the best way I thought I would read in English. so be flexible with windows/menus titles..


PS. I can see perfect BW pictures in Both your examples from here configured that way

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