Recommendations for an ND grad system

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Re: Recommendations for an ND grad system

Sailor Blue wrote:

I learned photography with film and to save money you had to do your best to get it right in the camera. Using ND Gradient filters with film made great sense.

Today I wouldn't bother with a ND Gradient filter - I would do HDR. Even if you only take one shot for the foreground and one for the sky you can put the two images on layers and add a gradient layer mask to one image to get the same results as you would have gotten with a ND Gradient filter.

Add a third shot by using your camera's Exposure Bracketing and you now have a much wider dynamic range available than you can ever get with filters.

Remember, a HDR image does not have to have that fake HDR look - it can look just like a normal image with lots of details in the highlights and shadows.

+1 on this! Anything you need to fiddle around with or carry with you in addition to the camera is a burden.

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