5D3 vs D800E: Diminishing Returns or Reversal of Returns?

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Re: 5D3 vs D800E: Diminishing Returns or Reversal of Returns?

At any rate, back to the original discussion.

My point was, it is necessary to have about 72 pixels per inch to view a photograph on a monitor. Anything higher and you just will not be able to see any difference. On the other hand, a typical inkjet printer is capable of creating prints with much higher resolution and today's digital cameras are VERY capable of producing images with much higher resolution.. So, if you are judging image quality using a computer monitor, you are not seeing what the photograph is capable of displaying.

From Luminous Landscape: " images on-screen typically need a maximum of 72 PPI. If a file has higher resolution than that it simply looks no different on screen. The only real difference will be that the file will be bigger and will therefore be slower to download."

If one posts downloadable images at their original sizes, then a viewer can download those images, print them (the bigger, the better), and make a judgement. On the other hand, if someone makes judgements by viewing the results only on his monitor, he is kidding himself. Yes, SOME comparisons can be made, but there is much more that cannot.

I know it is very common to do that which I am suggesting should not be done. It's done every single day, all over the world by millions of people. But every single one of those people are making their judgements based on what they see on monitor screens and not based on what a camera is truly capable of.

Don't like the audio analogy? Well how bout this...judging one camera against another merely by looking at files on a computer monitor is about as reliable as judging one camera against another merely by using only the $50 kit lenses supplied with those two cameras. I know this is an extreme statement. I know one can pixel peep (among other things) using a computer monitor and yes this does help some in making comparisons...but in the overall scheme of things...you need to make (preferably big) prints to do justice.

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