Epson 2200 / 2100 External Waste modification video

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Re: Epson 2200 / 2100 External Waste modification video

Zone8 wrote:

Very thoroughly produced Joe. Can I clarify one (silly, really) thing? The company called that accessory "Potty" for a different reason to the one you thought it meant. Certainly in the UK "potty" can mean daft but using that name by the company would more relate to an earlier utensil (before indoor toilets) known also as a "Potty", being a receptable for "deposits in the night" and as those usually were put under the bed, known also as "Guzunders". Hence a receptable for unwanted deposits.

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LINK: For B+W with Epson 1400 (and other models) using black ink only PLUS other useful tips:
Cleaning DSLR Sensors, including Kodak DSLR Factory Cleaning method: (Includes links to "bassotto's" images)
Solving back/front focus problems on Sigma and most other DSLRs
PDF format list of lenses you can print or download - covers Italian Flag YES/NO for DCS 14n but applies to others.

LOL Thank Zone8

Here in the USA when babies go pee-pee we call it going potty. My friend Martin ( UK ) had just had a newborn baby and the idea came to him.

Printers "pee" waste ink so..... why not. The Waste Ink Pad is the Diaper or Nappy!

When my wife saw the unit, she asked what the heck did I now get, I explained what it did, before she had a chance to actually read the name, and she then paused and said..... Brilliant!


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