FireFox 22 - I Advise Staying Away

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Re: Update your drivers and plugins


Thanks for the long and thoughtful reply.

1. My drivers are up to date for Win7 32-bit. But that's relative, as I'm still on my old P4 system, our move taking precedence over setting up my new computer. So some of the drivers were written some time ago. As they still work fine with the devices, they haven't been changed by the device makers. The nVidia video driver however is from Feb. of this year.

2. As changing from Norton, reviews for any and all of the alternate anti-virus and firewall products indicate that, for some usersthey either cause problems (sometimes quite serious ones) and/or don't do a good job (e.g. Windows Security Essentials). So better the devil I know than one I don't.

3. As for security, I have to trust that between the router firewall, the NIS one, and the av part of NIS, I'm reasonably protected. (Norton has, for example, caught some attacks and infected e-mails.) I'm also careful about the sites I visit. Of course, nothing is 100%. But my research seems to indicate that there isn't a way to guarantee literally complete protection. FWIW (if anything), Norton does get good ratings from the places that rate such programs, and it works w.o. problems on my old system - a not insignificant advantage.

4. I checked the add-ons for compatibility and updates when I went to 22. Incompatible ones were disabled and any available updates applied.

In any case, I'll try 22 (or whatever version is current by then) when I get the new computer set up. But for now, if I want to use FF, it has to be 21.

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