What's a really good lens to take to an aquarium?

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Sammy Yousef
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Re: What's a really good lens to take to an aquarium?

I don't have a lot of experience shooting in aquariums but what I have used is:

Nikon 28-105D (bought used). - really worth having some macro ability handy!
Nikon 18-70DX
Nikon 70-300VR

SB-800, SB-900.

Flash can be used at the aquarium if you take care to prevent reflection off glass and if the water isn't dirty. The way some aquariums are lit, there is really no other way. You will often get a very different look with vs without flash.

Bump up the ISO and don't be afraid to experiment with FP-sync for faster shutter speed.Though you can get weird effects because FP sync doesn't stop motion you can compensate with high shutter speed to some degree so long as the fish are nice and close.

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