Without a doubt the MOST IMPRESSIVE lens of this century!

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Without a doubt the MOST IMPRESSIVE lens of this century!

I just "received" my copy of the new Super DA* TP 110mm EX WR SMC Macro lens and WOW am I impressed! The quality of the unit is just fantastic and the pictures, well, they speak for themselves! Never have I come across a lens to versatile and so beautiful to look at, so I thought I would write a review, and provide some specs for you.

Allow me to apologies in advance for my not having re-painted my nails prior to this review, it was incredibly unprofessional of me and I have now given myself a pay cut as a result.

Package Contents:

1 x High Quality Lens

White tissue-like padding

In the below pictures, you can see the impressive build quality of the lens and the fantastically effective patented brown coloured waterproofing seals:

The new improved TP has waterproofing to the "easy to use" lens mount, as well as the upper lens!

Here you can see the completely non-phallic design in all it's glory

Please note that this is a review of the SUPER version, and not the standard DA* TP, which only had 100mm focal length:

Ease of Use:

This lens is quite possibly the most simple lens to attach to your Pentax. Do you feel irritated when your lens is fixed in place so tightly that you have to push a button and then TWIST to release it, too?! I know, it's frustrating, isn't it! Don't you just wish you could slot your lens in, like a banana in an exhaust pipe, and go at it with your shooting, like two beetles mating on a pile of warm laundry? Well your dreams have come true! Now, all you need to with the Super DA* TP is insert the waterproofed mount into your open Pentax body and voila! With a little handholding, you will be away and snapping household detritus in moments!

Marvel at the snug fit and impressive colour coordination

I know, right?! Those lenses in the background seem substandard and worthless in comparison!

And the lens works without your camera, too!

If you get bored of taking photographs, you can simply detach this fantastic lens from your camera and use it as an eyeglass, to look at all your precious rocks and 14th century Russian meteorite samples! It will even work on your left hand! What a fantastic feature, I don't know why this hasn't been included in other lenses... boggles the mind!

No more rooting around for your Swarovski eyeglass!

To top it all off, the unit comes with a lifetime guarantee (good for approximately a whole 14 hours!) and a 2 day supply of toilet paper!

Image Quality:

As you can see from the below sample images, IQ is second to none, producing razor sharp images across the field, no artifacts at all and quite possibly the most epic bokeh the universe has ever witnessed.

Close-up of one the inferior lens contacts of one of the less impressive lenses available

The quality of the image produced by the Super DA* TP makes this 18-135 lens look good - it's not, it's rubbish

Even denim looks reasonably attractive through this macro lens

A wasp on the windowsill, killed by dust, a tragic loss, but when you photograph it on this lens, it suddenly becomes something utterly beautiful

This moth died with joy when it saw the lens - the very sight of it's awesomeness made the moth realise that the world was complete and it could move on



Fantastic IQ

Low cost


Waterproof to a depth of 7,000 miles

Freezeproof to -1000 degrees Kelvin

Shockproof to a height of 3 miles

Easy to use and maintain


This is not a con

If you are looking for a new macro lens, this is it - all other macro lenses are rubbish in comparison and you might as well throw them away. The Super DA* TP 110mm EX WR SMC Macro is available now at the sale price of just £4,792.74 (+VAT). Hurry, as there are only a limited number available!

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