Pentax as first DSLR?

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Re: Pentax as first DSLR?

It looks like you would be fully satisfied with coming back to Pentax.

As some have hinted, there are some things where yoy should get a Nikon or Canon, but you don´t seem to into that things. Moreover, those heavy monster teles are EXPENSIVE!

Using old manual or auto K lenses is very easy. More easy than you first thinks.

For some weird reason you have to change a default setting in the camera, at least my K-5, if you want to use manual aperture lenses. Otherwise it will refuse taking images. "Using aperture ring - permitted". Why this default should be "prohibited" I dont know.

Moreover, it is nearly as easy to use M42 lenses with the Pentax M42 adapter. Only remembering that the M42 lens must have an M mode. Some newer M42 lenses are A mode only - then you can only use full aperture.

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