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For your use, I would recommend the GH3.

I come from the world of dSLRs (including Canon, and, for the last decade Minolta/Sony). I got into m4/3 when the GF1 came out. Except for school graduations and events a few times a year, I mostly use my cameras for travel and daily shooting. The m4/3 system excels in that regard, not only for the smaller bodies, but even more so for the much smaller lenses. Take a look at the Pany 100-300, for example: it covers 600mm but is a fraction of the size of a similar lens for normal dSLRs. Don't quibble about the price of  the bodies, or go for the latest B&H sale, because it's  the lenses that are important.

Another  reason for the GH3 vote is that it is the latest (not counting the coming Blackmagic Cinema Compact) in video. If you think that you might want to get into video in the future, this is the camera. I have 2 GH2 bodies, and 2 OM-Ds; if the latter had decent video capabilities, I would not have kept the GH2s. Last week I bought the GH3 (and grip). It's really nice and the stills seem to match those of the OM-D. I will probably sell one of my GH2s and one or both of my OM-D cameras to fund the purchase.

As for lenses, don't forget about the primes - the Oly 45mm is a great portrait lens and the Pany 14mm 2.5 is a very small, but very good travel lens - it's my most-used lens, especially for video indoors.

A couple of years ago I would have advised someone to stick to dSLRs for optimum IQ, but that has all changed with the recent Sony m4/3 sensors (GH3, OM-D, and newer Olys?).

Lastly, with the increasing interest in video, and the fact that the GH3 is the best in that regard, the resale of the GH3 will hold up (check out that of the GH2) much better than a normal dSLR, or one of the Oly Pens. If I were to sell a GH2 now, I would actually make at least $100 over what I paid for it, judging by the latest eBay auctions.

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