Dissappointed about the lack of GPS in EOS 70D - who feels the same?

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Re: Dissappointed about the lack of GPS in EOS 70D - who feels the same?

yodermk wrote:

Huh. Don't know about you but GPS is free on my phone. And this is Canada phone bill gouging central.

True. On a train ride from Winnipeg to Churchill earlier this year, I (with my US AT&T phone with data roaming OFF) was able to get GPS just fine, in the middle of nowhere far from a cell tower. No charge.

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If it's a *Single* Lens Reflex, why do I need so many lenses?

I'm with you guys. I can't believe we are still discussing this.

GPS - Global Positioning System

This system does not require a data connection to function. It's entirely independent of a cellular data network. The level of complete misinformation and complete ignorance in this thread unbelievable. Go check out all the GPS enabled devices that have no wifi or cellular connection? How do they work?

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