5D3 vs D800E: Diminishing Returns or Reversal of Returns?

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Re: 5D3 vs D800E: Diminishing Returns or Reversal of Returns?

cpkuntz wrote:

It's a glitch. In the OP from the original thread, Rick states clearly that the lenses were at the same aperture.

That's what I thought

The bottom line is that both images look great, DXO and ACR apply a bit more contrast to Canon CR2 than NEF for some reason by default, but the tone curves can be altered to make the images look pretty similar. The D800E has more resolution, but you have to look closer for it than I expected in this particular image.

Actually reflected in DXOMark test that they tied likely at MTF 50 or 30 (not sure which one they cap) but extra 14mp extend beyond but harder to see until at pixel peeping level.

For most print sizes you wouldn't likely notice the difference, but that's with this particular image. In some tests the D800E has a bit of a more obvious advantage, but not by much.

It depends on lenses.  With Sigma 35/1.4, the sharpest 35mm prime, the gap will be bigger.  With respective 24-70/2.8 zoom the gap will be (noticeably) smaller.

Obviously the higher resolution final display, the more the advantage of the D800E will be noticeable. On a 4K display, you'd probably notice the difference. On an 8K display, well, the Canon doesn't go to 8K, so you'd probably see the difference there, too.

Exactly, but also need better lenses to leverage mega pixels.

Great analysis all around by a lot of folks. Thanks to Rick for posting the comparison.

Agreed,  very well controlled test.

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