RX100M2 Petition for Minimum shutter speed, should I bother?

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Re: RX100M2 Petition for Minimum shutter speed, should I bother?

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My take on this general issue ever since I bought a brand new Leica R5 at introduction (lotsa years ago) was to shoot in P and shift the program. Yeah, I know, real photographers shoot full M and wannabes shoot A and complete idiots shoot P. ehhhh, not. Shooting in P gives me a floor of sorts on shutter speed and I can keep track of the choices the camera is making and shift aperture/shutter speed to suit my judgment about what I want and what I can get out of an exposure.

In this regard, I do agree that the RX100 seems to be optimistic about minimum shutter speeds, but in its favor the minimalist display is both informative and not too obtrusive, and shifting the program is dead-easy.

Worth a try if you otherwise like the camera?

I am interested, but I don't quite understand P shift. Will you give me some understanding and how to use it please?



With the mode set to P, if you rotate the rear wheel you can "shift" the program-set values to increase the shutter speed/open the aperture (or slow the shutter speed/close the aperture).  I usually have my display set to show the exposure data on the bottom of the frame, and you can see the aperture and shutter speed combination change.  The camera's metered EV remains the same.  Freebie: if you've toggled AEL, this display will show an * on the right hand side of the info bar on the bottom of the LCD.

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