Why mirrorless over dslr?

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Re: Which really begs the question...

Marty4650 wrote:

Jorginho wrote:

I understand that and shooting is also about how you feel. Just do no mix up your own feelings with the thought that htese are somehow unicersal. I have GH2 and an EPL5. GH2 has better ergonomics, but the shooting experience is not like P&S vs DSLR to me.

I agree that the GH shooting experience really is exactly like using a smallish DSLR. And a very nice one at that.

But remember.... if you put the GH3 among "other small DSLRs" then it becomes one of the larger ones.

If. But I did not mention the GH3. Also, my main point is with the lenses and not so the body. The lenses for the GH3 are of course exactly as big as for all other mFT systems.

So this really begs the question.... if you PREFER DSLR ergonomics, and you LIKE shooting with a DSLR, then why not just buy a small DSLR?

1) GH3? Forgot about the G6? I never mentioned GH3 for a reason: I think it is too big.

2) Do any of these bodies somehow shrink the lenses you use on them? I use the 100-300 quite often.

3) Can I mount those APS-c lenses on a an EPL5 kind of body? No. So is there a way I can get the whole system even close of the size of that EPL5 with the 45 mm 1.8? No. That is why, for me.

Every one of those DSLR/DSLT cameras pictured above is a lot cheaper than a Panasonic GH3, and some have some very nice pentaprism OVFs, nice tilt LCDs.

GH3. Okey....it is not for me. You show us a row of cams without the specs as if they are somehow all equal.
1) not one can come close to the GH3 video, the way it AF continuously in video
2) none of them have a swiveling display. You mention tiltable and say it is nice. I have such a screen, swivling is way nicer
3) bar the Pentax, none has weathersealing.
4) None of them has a lens lineup even close to the size of the GH3 if you go from 12-300 mm. They are much heavier and bigger.
5) and none lets me pair those lenses to a EPL5 body, like mFTs let you.

GH3 seems to be a cam for serious hybrid shooters, may be a wedding photographer who wants to shoot both video and photo in an acceptable way. Or others who are serious about both. None of these DSLRs can offer that.

For me though, GH3 is simply too big. I am more curious in the GX7. Any DSLR btw that will offer some rivaling body to that kind of body or a NEX6/NEXS7 for that matter? And these two Sony cams have very nice ergonomics BTW.

I guess the only real advantage the GH3 brings for these shooters is "smaller lenses" but that is due primarily to the smaller sensor. And if smallness was a top priority, then the GH3 might not be their first choice.

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I think it is the best hybrid cam out there. That is what it brings to the table. And as a system, like I said, with a couple of lenses (not forget about the 12-35 and 35-100) it is much smaller than anything APS-c has to offer.

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