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Re: Got my GH3 today

Mahmoud Mousef wrote:

hifi wrote:

I sold my G1 a while ago, but in some ways I prefer that viewfinder over the GH3 one. One of the very first things that really impressed me with the G1 was the viewfinder.

Just as an aside:

The viewfinder on my DMC-G2 (exactly the same as the DMC-G1) was the biggest let-down to me. I remember it as the one big disappointment I had with the camera after trying it for the first time. Noisy in low-light, laggy in low-light. My impressions of it were very negative (and still are). I remember thinking to myself that the reviewers who bragged about it...their impressions were the opposite of mine.

viewfinder perceptions will always (like most things i guess) be somewhat personal preference, personal requirement (eg glasses wearer) and personal experience (past camera ovf/efv) history dependant.

the gh3 evf while it has flaws, also have pluses, not least of which it is certainly brighter and less prone to motion effects and low light grainyness than other evfs ive used. i'm fortunate that the flaws for me have effectively become "invisible" thru use. i no longer notice them and they have zero impact on the useability of the camera for me. i still however appreciate the evf brightness and relative clarity (edge distortions notwithstanding) especially in low light.

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