RX100M2 Petition for Minimum shutter speed, should I bother?

Started Jul 19, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Works for static situations but ..

digitalphotographer wrote:

Ron AKA wrote:

I wonder if using S Mode and setting the Control Ring for ISO would work for you. Just turn the ring until you get the aperture you want for the selected shutter speed.

But for street shooting, where the lighting conditions drastically changes from one frame to another, while I move in and out of shadows, this is too slow.

Makes you wonder what all those great street shooters and photojournalists in days of old did (and do now) without auto ISO.

You know you could set the iso based off of the shadows for minimum required shutter speed, leave it there and shoot in aperture priority. Or you could learn to deliberately drag the shutter a little bit to get some movement in the images giving them some life.

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