RX100M2 Petition for Minimum shutter speed, should I bother?

Started Jul 19, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: surprise

It's not a team thing. I've been in firmware / software development. In a good customer-oriented company there is a team called something like "sustaining development". The r&d team hand over the firmware / software to them and they are the ones who do the fixes. However there doesn't seem to be any pressure on Sony to fix anything. I really don't understand, why reviewers don't push harder. The bad firmware design should have led to reviews that said "this camera would be worth a gold award but because of the firmware we don't give it". THIS might have called Sony out to do something about it. Without it, why should they bother? (Maybe they should since I surely will switch to another company once they have closed the technology gap. Any I hope many others will as well)

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