5D3 vs D800E: Diminishing Returns or Reversal of Returns?

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Re: 5D3 vs D800E: Diminishing Returns or Reversal of Returns?

Bamboojled wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

Some might criticize the methodology and some might criticize the extreme nature of the crop but I can assure everyone that no matter the conditions, comparing an equal crop from these two systems will produce visible differences unless the crops are very minor.

Your downsampled images are much less pixel-sharp than your originals, so you are equalizing them somewhat in the downsizing process.

You have converted the D800E images with less contrast, making them look less detailed.

These are what I did by upsampling 5DIII file to the same size of D800E in CS6, everything is default/zero setting in ACR, the steps everyone can duplicate. Certainly you can see difference by pixel peeping but is pretty small even at D800E full size.

On the first image I can see the bricks in the building when I use the loupe function on the D800E vs. mush with the 5DIII, I can also clearly see the electrical cables, I can also see the pattern of the railing on the far right side of the balconies with the chair, i would say this is pretty significant.On the second image I can clearly see the brickwork on the smokestack using the same Loupe function were the 5DIII is mushy and grainy, I can also make out detail in the grassy area and detail on the container. Again much more...On the last the flag is clearly discernible, making out the difference in colors, the grass has detail, and the building has detail in the brick work.

But only noticeable in a few areas thru pixel peeping at D800E's 36mp full size. I'd not call such trivial difference 'significant' that certainly will not reflect noticebly in 30x20" print or even a 40x30" print if someone bothers to print. The two full-size pictures (upsampling 5DIII to D800E size) are here



As far as diminishing returns... if I have available to me a camera that has greater dynamic range,

I don't see much DR difference in this test. I agreed D800 would have much better advantage in a severely underexposed photo and then pushed back, much less advantage in this case or on a normally exposed or overexposed photo.

far more detail even when you uprez the Canon and process it in it's proprietary software,

I believe you over-exaggerate. Difference is there by pixel peeping but still pretty small and certainly not significant as you might suggest. It's unavoidable that upsampling 5D3 picture shows a bit of Pixelation. However if you don't print huge or view at smaller size (4K/8K monitors are not affordable yet), then difference is almost none as Rick said in OP.  Personally I don't print more than 30" wide and usually view at 2000-pixel wide on my 24" monitor so 22mp from 5D3 is sufficient for me at this moment.  When 4K/8K monitors become affordable and popular then I will see much higher value of high MP camera as I don't print 99% of my photos.

I would say that there is no advantage to the Canon, especially when you consider that the pricing is $200 less for the Nikon over the Canon.

However many times even in this case many prefer photos from 5DIII or Canon cameras in general, more pleasing, more punching and more dynamic look, and also in skin tones as we heard many such claims. I agree you could further process to make close but at least you'd spend more time in PP.

Just my thoughts on this string of posts...:)

However many bought high-end DSLRs do many kinds of photography not just landscape but in action photos as well. Arguably 5DIII is a a better all-round camera. I believe side by side in sports, in BIF and in many other action fields, 5DIII will have more sharp photos at a given event at a given time. That probably explains higher price of 5DIII as that basically reflected in market demand. I guess if nobody buys 5D3 and there are lots of switching of brand Canon would have to cut price aggressively. I have no mean to defend for Canon, and personally I keep watching deals so I bought a $2499 brand new 5D3 with USA warranty card in last Nov and I am happy



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