RX100 has massive problems with F1.8 Close-ups

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Re: A scenario designed to fail?

RX100 automatic settings and "SCN" macro mode uses 1.8 stop and it sucs. Using 4 or 4.5 produces great results . I also made a mistake taking close ups of flowers in the park today by using SCN macro and auto modes, and this is why I have found this thread. To find a reason for blurry photos. I am just learning the photography and the camera. Despite some heat here, I found the discussion very useful and educational. Thanks guys. My RX100 has been in the repair (loose contacts on the circuit board) after 3 weeks of use, but I still impressed with this little beast. I did manage to take a few good shots after reading this thread. I think, it is a combination of learning the photography and knowing your camera that going to produce better photos.

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