Why no fast longer tele lenses or telezoom lenses for N1?

Started Jul 10, 2013 | Questions thread
Tom May Senior Member • Posts: 1,676
Re: Why no fast longer tele lenses or telezoom lenses for N1?

Purpose built fast lenses for CX mounts would be much too risky a venture IMHO.

Assuming that we are speaking of Nikon users only, it would be rational to expect that some individuals would own an FX and a DX body in addition to a CX body. FX lenses on DX bodies is routine, some use DX lenses on FX bodies for reach, but I have little expectation that there would be any users of CX lenses on FX or DX even given that there would be an adaptor available.

Rather than pushing for fast CX long tele-zoom lenses, better would be optical sharp lenses of minimum bulk, VRIII, and premium optic coatings, even if those lens typically would be f/5.6-f/8.0 , with the benefit of better affordability to the CX user.

My reasoning is that with the advance in imager technology, it would be likely that we would see a V5 with one stop better ISO performance in another two years, and a V7 with near two stops better performance in five years. As long as Nikon continues to cater to a CX system, those lenses will continue to be of good value.

In the meantime, fast lenses already have a proven FX and DX market; CX being just exactly the crossover market that the FT-1 was created for.

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