GH3 - a pleasure to use

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Mahmoud Mousef Senior Member • Posts: 2,604
Re: Got my GH3 today

hifi wrote:

I sold my G1 a while ago, but in some ways I prefer that viewfinder over the GH3 one. One of the very first things that really impressed me with the G1 was the viewfinder.

Just as an aside:

The viewfinder on my DMC-G2 (exactly the same as the DMC-G1) was the biggest let-down to me. I remember it as the one big disappointment I had with the camera after trying it for the first time. Noisy in low-light, laggy in low-light. My impressions of it were very negative (and still are). I remember thinking to myself that the reviewers who bragged about it...their impressions were the opposite of mine.

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