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Re: I don't understand about the glasses; why do you have to wear them?

I also wear glasses, but I set the diopter adjustment to my eyes, and do everything in the viewfinder, including chimping, which I would do anyway. Very rarely do I put on my glasses to look at the display on the back of the camera - usually viewing shots much later. I've never even tried to look in the EVF of my new GH3 with glasses on. By the way, I do the same with my other cameras, such as my OM-D.

The only reason I can see for not doing the same is if the diopter adjustment doesn't work for your eyes' weaknesses, perhaps not strong enough.

Well guess what, that only reason, is my reason. I would need a couple extra clicks of the diopter to get a clear picture. Plus my vision is bad enough without glasses that I would not feel comfortable walking around without them, therefore I would have to raise my glasses up everytime I wanted to take a shot.

I don't know why manufacturers don't take glasses wearers more into account when designing viewfinders. It's not like we are a small number of people, yet 90% of viewfinders I find are compromised in some way (sometimes small ways) for glasses wearers. Even if the stock cushion was larger but you could buy a smaller one for use with glasses I wiuld be happy.

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