D800 Screen is too bright and shows under exposed images as properly exposed and vice versa...

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Cliff Fujii
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Re: turn down LCD brightness

It's been my experience that people who chimp usually do not know their camera or have no confidence in their equipment.  Whenever I get a new lens or body, I keep the post shooting review on to verify the equipment is working as planned.  After that, I turn off post shooting review.  Whenever I start shooting for the day, I go through a checklist to verify that the camera settings are my default.

Chimping your images disturbs your showing flow.  This is especially important when you are working a scene.  Even though I turn off post shooting review, I will review my images for focus after I'm through working the scene.  The important thing is to not let anything disturb your flow when shooting.

Of course you're right too.  When people get into a habit of doing things one way successfully, they are loth to change it.

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