5D3 vs D800E: Diminishing Returns or Reversal of Returns?

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Re: 5D3 vs D800E: Diminishing Returns or Reversal of Returns?

aftab wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

SubPrime wrote:

You might want to check the results I got from repeating Rick's process. I did the same using Capture One 7, and the D800E is sharper and has more detail.


Just checked and still don't see much difference. It seem 5D3 photo that you processed is a bit warmer in color temperature than D800's one that is the main difference I see. I'd love someone also try process with Photo Ninja (PN) that I heard handle very well on CR2 files (maybe also to NEF files but I only read PN in Canon forums).

Here you go, Peter. PN processed, Scenic mode. 100% crops, didn't resize.

Some outline of individual bricks can be seen in D800 file

Some wood texture in D800 file.

I suspect these differences are more due to AA filter than pixel count. Are these important?

Who am I to tell?

Thanks aftab. Still you really only can see those differences by pixel peeping. I prefer 5D3 warmer colors and more contrast look.

Aftab, I also processed your landscape photo ('TWO') from 5D3 and D600 by using the same processing.

Your photos on my standard were both underexposed by at least one-stop in lower part from both 5D3 and D600 that were exposed similarily.

Out of camera default

these are what I did in LR5

Camera raw Standard profile

highlight: -100

shadow: +100

white: +70

black: -20

I also applied GND on top half to dim the sky. I copied and pasted profile between two so they are exactly processed. However D600 color is obvious more yellow or warm so I decreased a little bit to be close - 5800 in 6D and 5700 in D600

6D+24-70L/2.8 II (courtesy of aftab)

D600 + 14-24G/2.8 (courtesy of aftab)

Here are what I found:

D600 shadow noise/clarity is much better in lower right part that is the least exposed. After pushing deep dark shadows, D600 wins clearly in that part. However if I spend sometime to use Brush Tool I can cleanup noise/grain in that part.

6D photo color overally look more punching, more dynamic and require less processing. I am sure I can adjust other settings to make D600 close to 6D look but require more work.

However if I took that scene, I will apply GND filter on the sky and give lower half at least one more stop exposure that will benefit both 6D and D600. After pushing up shadows in right bottom bushes, although D600 is much cleaner I still can see clearly lost details and still noisy/grainy although much better than 6D which not only more noisy/grainy but show red-color botch patterns.

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