RX100 vs RX100M2 RAW samples from ISO100 to 6400

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Same resolution, but less sensitivity here...

Arn wrote:

eivissa1 wrote:

It has been said before: il looks as if the new Sony produces softer pictures, but the details are still there.

Imaging Resource said that the first Sony did more aggressive sharpening....

From what I tried, I actually couldn't produce the details that are in the mkI image by increasing sharpening in the mkII image. I don't think it's a matter of sharpening (and Imaging-resource was talking about JPGs). Anyway, the difference is quite small, but the fact that the mkII doesn't seem to improve RAW image quality. And there is still the fact that mkI's sensor seems to be 1/3 to 1/2 a stop more sensitive.

I really don't find a decrease in detail from my M2 vs the M1. I see the opposite in some outdoor shoots, where my M2 shows more resolution sometimes. Maybe even my second M1 has a non perfect lens.

What is more significant is that the M2 seems to be 1/3 stop less sensitive. Both cameras were shoot with the same settings, M1 is always brigther, M2 also showed -0.3EV in the display. To have a good comparison I decided to stay with the same settings. Sony told us the M2 should be more sensitive.

Color is another point. M2 RAW color looks somewhat flatter, BUT we have no real M2 profile in ACR/LR yet. When I turn the sliders a bit you get both very similar.

What I found with the M1 is that the colors shift to the edge of the frame (wall). This may be a reason of the profile, but the M2 does not suffer from that.

The M2 also "blocks" shadow noise from 3200 on better.

Still no decision here if I don't think about the money...

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