RX100M2 Petition for Minimum shutter speed, should I bother?

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Re: surprise

therobbot wrote:

Did you mean minimal ISO or shutter speed? Because minimum ISO functionality is there.

Yes I meant minimum shutter speed. I was typing too fast when replying to each post.

Sony might be an innovation leader in hardware but their firmware is really awful. I hate the RX100 firmware because there are so many points where it's just not well thought through and even though it would be an easy fix they don't care to change it.

Actually I just read ib MingThein.com's blog about RX100, comments section, one of the product managers from Sony admitted RX100 was designed 3 years ago, so I assume the original team has since moved on or promoted (since they won best compact camera of the year) so they won't be doing something as "lowly" as adding an "easy fix" which is beneath their pay grade. Besides, they have no time to spare trying to rush RX200 out the gate because next year when other companies come out with features that photographers are asking for, their first-mover advantage in large-sensor compact will be wiped out. (this was part was my own conjecture :-D)

Like I said earlier, whatever the reasons are, it just seems ignorant and arrogant.


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