Pentax as first DSLR?

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Re: Pentax as first DSLR?

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Even a brand-new full frame 6D, after discounts is in the range price of the high level aps-c, if it's bought with the 24-105mm kit lens (L). The 6D (brand new) plus the 24-105 was being sold last week for $1,900. The lens alone cost about $800 brand new, which means ythe ccost of a 6D isclose to $1,100.

Strange math. Are you sure the price reduction is not for the lens, or both lens and body?

Alex, what kind of Math did they teach you? If the lens retails for $800,and you buy the 6D+lens+Pixma printer for $1,900, how much will the camera cost? It doesn't matter where the discount comes from, is what you pay at the end.

If you're happy with it, that's great; but I would not chose a 2005 camera now. The technology was not yet mature back then, and 8 years is a lot for a digital product. Even a mechanical SLR would need a clean/lubrify/adjust now and then.

Partially agree about mechanical maintenance but sooner or later you will also have to do it to your Pentax gear or any other gear. With  the money I saved buying a 5D I easily can pay sensor cleaning and some maintenance.

What I don't buy is the false statement that technology was not ready then. Ready for what? if the technology was not mature then, how can you explain the quality of the images still produced by the CMOS sensor of the 5D classic? My rationale is the opposite. |It is a camera that was so advanced then, that still is the favorite of thousands of photographers doing landscape, portrait, macro, sports, nature, etc.

With its dated AF and 3 fps burst rate, I wouldn't call it a camera for sports (but then, a sports camera is quite expensive). And I'm not so sure it's "almost unparalleled" compared with today's cameras.

It is not a dedicated camera for sports, but the AI servo focus (predictive focusing) in the 5D is still way more advanced than the SAFOX II still used by Pentax in the K--- series. Then as a general purpose camera, the 5D is a very capable machine.

To Yardcoyote, i am glad you are making an informed decision. As I said before, the k-5/30/50 are very good cameras and they will serve you well. My argument was that, since you are almost starting from scratch, for the same money you can get a full frame system, with an image quality, color and light rendition you will never get using an APS-c system.

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