Canon 70D vs 7D vs 60D

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Re: Canon 70D vs 7D vs 60D

I just upgraded my XSi to the 7D and I LOVE it!

I think the 7D is very different from the 60D. It is significantly bigger and heavier. The viewfinder is noticeably bigger. It has the magnesium-frame, moisture-sealed construction of Canon's professional 5D and 1D cameras. And it is much more customizable than the 60D.

I took my 7D to a pro ballgame last weekend and got fantastic pictures. I used a 250mm lens, set it up to shoot the batter or pitcher, and fired at full 8fps RAW through the full windup and pitch or through the batter's full swing. Your sports photos won't be as good with a 60D.

For portraiture and event photography, the 7D has a joystick that can change the focus point, so you don't have to focus and recompose.

I take much better photos with this camera. I'm really loving it. But, like the 60D, it's nearing its end of (retail) life, although Canon hasn't started discounting it much. The 60D can be had for $600 new, which is half the price of a 70D or 7D. I bought my 7D in mint, barely-used condition. Will I sell it when its replacement ships? No way, I love this camera. My plan is to keep the 7D if/until it earns me the money to buy its full-frame replacement.

I'm not going to get into a flame war with anyone over which camera is better. There are lots of 60D photographers who are better than me. I think you'll be happy with whatever you choose. You ought to try both cameras side-by-side with the same lens. And if you choose the 7D, is wait a few months to see if Canon announces its replacement -- because the announcement may come along with a 7D price drop.

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