New Epson r3000 prints darker than old Epson 4000

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Re: New Epson r3000 prints darker than old Epson 4000

jtoolman wrote:

Dan Montgomery wrote:

As previously noted, one of the first comments about dark prints from the R3000 are found in Vincent Oliver's review of this printer on this website. He stated that his monitor was correctly calibrated.

I've found some settings that, while not perfect, work fairly well for me and often do not require a lightening layer:

Under Color Management, leave the default:

Printer Manages Colors

Under Media Settings, set:

Mode: Adobe sRGB, not the default Epson Standard (sRGB).

Do you Adobe RGB? On none of my EPSONs ( 13 of them = two Canon pro ) do I see Adobe sRGB. Not that I need to worry about that as I am not experiencing the "Dark" prints experienced by a lot of you.

Just wondering.

I do not let the printer manage colors, but print through Qimage with ICC profiles 99% of the time.


Obviously, I personally think that having ‘printer manages the color’ as the best option when troubleshooting a printing problem.  We can debate how valid that is for an individual after they are successful with doing this.

‘Epson Standard’ is Epson’s version of sRGB while the driver’s Adobe RGB is the actual industry standard color space.   There is no 'Adobe sRGB' and I’m assuming that was was a typo and it was meant to be Adobe RGB.   I also have to assume that Epson Standard (essentially an Epson tweaked sRGB) exists because they believe that significant areas of their printer gamut exceeds sRGB and this is how they accommodate that fact (or not?).  On the other hand, the industry standard Adobe RGB (aRGB) has (more) areas that shoot out of the printer gamut and they feel that color space is adequate for their purposes.  FWIW, from a practical standpoint, almost all of the printer’s gamut falls within that aRGB color space.  That’s just a guess on my part but my homegrown tests show that to be true.  There are a number of color spaces that are not accommodated natively in the Epson driver.

But whatever, when letting the printer manage the colors it is important to note the color space of the image file at the time of printing and utilize that in the printer driver.  I would match sRGB to Epson Standard and obviously aRGB to aRGB because the crucial point here is using that same color space in the driver as in the file being printed.  Personally I think aRGB is the best alternative in this instance but that, too, is apparently debatable.   And if you are going to use aRGB…just bypass the use of Epson Vivid which tries to give more pop to the greens and blues.  Typically I would think that a color space mismatch would not be characterized as ‘too dark’ but depending on the rendering intent’s impact and the specific colors in the image…weirdness can happen and the lack of a common vocabulary can lead us astray.

I have a good friend of mine that does exactly what Dan suggests with his R3000 and has very nice output and has no ‘prints too dark’ problems and he prints on a multitude of different papers.  OTOH, for those anal retentive types like myself, I believe that letting the app manage the color offers better control.


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