FZ70 Announced. Is This Just Another Frankencamera?

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Don't be afraid...

Midwest wrote:
...Super long, slow zooms are nothing more than party tricks. You're not likely to get many - or any - photos that would be worthy other than for how far away the subject was.
...This FZ70 just lumps in with the other ridiculous long super mega zooms.

Kevin Coppalotti wrote:

...The real use is photographing things like small birds from as little as 4- 5 meters away from the camera.

Kevin is right of course...
Many who use mega-zooms to shoot birds and other wildlife at reasonable distances already know this. Yet many others will continue to steadfastly proclaim the uselessness of these cameras, ignoring any and all evidence to the contrary...
But that's ok. Superzooms aren't for everybody.

The FZ70 is apparently designed to compete with the Nikon P510/20 and Canon SX50, both of which are quite popular with birders (and many other users for a wide variety of applications). How well it will compete remains to be seen, but at least those in this market segment who prefer Panasonic cameras will now have an affordable option for extreme focal-length photography.

Like most new offerings in every category, the FZ70 will be met with a lot of skepticism. But I'll be very surprised if no one gets worthy photos with it.

And I still hope we see a worthy successor to the FZ200 also.


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