5D3 vs D800E: Diminishing Returns or Reversal of Returns?

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Re: 5D3 vs D800E: Diminishing Returns or Reversal of Returns?

SubPrime wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

17 mpix is with 5DII but 19 mpix is with 5DIII.

Fair enough.

You'd have to pixel peeping to see the tiny difference, but at normal output such as at Rick's 1800x1200, 5D3 combo will be sharper.

You might want to check the results I got from repeating Rick's process. I did the same using Capture One 7, and the D800E is sharper and has more detail.


BTW. This brings me to your link to Garland. Again, I am sure he's a nice guy and his post sounds reasonable, except for the fact that his arguments are a little incoherent.

1. He claims there is no significant difference in IQ between the D800 and the 5DIII, yet not one of the Nikon lenses he shoots with appear on the list of lenses recommended by Nikon for shooting with the D800.

He also mentioned he didn't print more than 20x30" that is also my case. Most my photos stay in hard disks and view on computer monitor. So extra MP is not a big deal to me at moment until 4K/8K monitors become affordable.

That's beside the point. He said the same there was no obvious difference in IQ. But if he is based on looking at the entire frame in a 2k screen, then he could have said the same thing about the 5D2 vs the 5D1 or D700.

And as I said, he was using pretty inadequate lenses in terms of sharpness (they are popular for most artistic reasons), most of which are old manual focusing lenses, yet said he preferred the AF in the 5DIII, which is a bit odd.

I read many similar AF reports between Canon and Nikon cameras. Many of them said similarly that D800 or D4 is not really slower in AF but 5D3 or 1DX leads a bit in AF consistency, and getting more critical sharp photos on the spots photog really intended such as on eyes rather average sharp on entire face, that makes difference and could be very important to some photogs.

The D800 initially suffered from acquisition issues. It would appear to lock in then it would hesitate, which was infuriating and could lead to losing the shot. This was addressed with the firmware upgrade.

I think the D4 did also, but I cannot speak for the D4 and 1DX. Interestingly enough, I attended a lighting workshop a few weeks ago and the instructor was using a 1DX, and he was having major problems with the IDX focusing in low light. One member of the audience said his IDX has the same problem and suggested the brightness of the modelling lights be increased.

But the upgrade also appears to have significantly improved the accuracy issue as well. One wedding photographer, who was so frustrated he ended up buying a D4 and putting his D800 away (for this very reason) said he would start using it again.

Even your Capture One examples are not compelling in showing a large difference...especially when we are comparing an AA-less camera with more MP, etc.

The biggest difference is now the tables are reversed in colors...its the 5DMKIII with more muted yellow colors lacking contrast in the trees and the D800 with more contrast.

In terms of actual PMP difference I do not see a large difference at all...the fact that people seem to be making judgement calls based on color shows how insignificant the differences are in actual detail.

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