FZ70 Announced. Is This Just Another Frankencamera?

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Re: Missed Opportunity ? 20mm - no thanks

AdamT wrote:

I think they`ve missed the opportunity to break ground with the zoom end - WHY have they tried 20mm at the wide ?, 24mm is distorted and software corrected too much in these cameras to begin with , 20mm is more for specialist shooting and lets face it, these kind of cams are telephoto end of the Zoom oriented designs ........

I`d have made it a very safe 28mm at the wide (less CA, distortion and better edges) and gone for a crazy groundbreaking 1680mm long end to really kick butt for Birding and plane spotting (Heck Astrophotography too) - the more popular 24mm option would have given 1440mm of zoom power even ...... OK I know a few here are arging against even 1200mm but the SX50 can be easily handheld at 1200mm with its top notch IS but even slower lens (40th sec is what I managed in Winter when I had one)

Been reading this thread and finally found something I personally agree with. I have both FZ200 and Canon SX50. Believe me, the Canon has an amazing lens and amazing IQ. I wish Pany had started the wide end at 28mm or so and gone for the longer zoom. I will be waiting for the next Canon SX, hoping the camera will be more fully featured with better continuous shooting, Slo Mo HD videos, panorama, etc. I don't see how they can improve much on the lens. It's very special, folks.


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