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Re: Points of Light

dave gaines wrote:

Fireworks seen from above on the 4th of July. We climbed a trail to a ridge at around 2000 feet overlooking Pasadena and the Rose Bowl, about 1500 feet below us and 2 to 3 miles away. The Rose Bowl press box can be seen in the lower left. E-5 with 50-200 mm and EC-14 at 283 mm, ISO 100, f/5.6, 4 seconds. In-camera noise reduction. On a tripod with cable release and no shutter delay. Timing the shots for a burst of light is mostly luck but using mirror lock up made it very difficult to catch a fireworks burst.

Points of Light over the Rose Bowl

I like fireworks photos -- surrogates for expression of feelings and beliefs which can be a little larger than one's vocabulary.

In this shot, the treeline and arena add useful reference scale. A darker sky would be welcome to my eye. Also, the atmosphere seems to have a golden cast, and this tends to diminish contrast with the orange/gold-toned parts of the fireworks. Maybe it's caused by smoke catching the fireworks' light?

I usually shoot fireworks in the Fireworks scene mode if the camera has it, and mount the camera on a monopod so that I can wiggle it slightly during exposure, because I think squiggly light-trails often add interest to fireworks shots.  Also, later review of an evening's exposures offers surprises; many are pleasant.

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