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All of that is right

Code137 wrote:


So, let's say you're the victim in the video, and you have your 'weapon' in the backpack.

Tell us what you'd do?

And, do you think it's going to be worth it?

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This wasn't to me, but I do carry regularly. In that situation I would do nothing. In any other type of situation where they were just robbing me? I'd still probably do nothing and give them the equipment. That's what insurance is for anyway. Frankly I'm more likely to do less while carrying. If I wasn't carrying and some person tried to rob me, I might try to put up a fight (still unlikely). When I am carrying that's no longer an option. Any type of fight becomes much more dangerous because there's at least one deadly weapon involved. If I was knocked down or out, I could lose control of the weapon. I carry to protect things that are not replaceable. Cameras equipment does not come close to being that important.

I had originally typed up a response to Future user, but it became apparent that it would not make any difference. From my experience, most people that have taken the legal route to carrying are extremely non confrontational.

However, if in the States I was accosted by 5 or 6 people I would try to get my back clear and I would pull.  Rather or not I fired would be up to them.  But I would surrender the camera if that would make them go away without firing.  5 or 6 grown men can easily kill you, even if they aren't trying, and even if they have no weapon.  If you are old, it won't take 5 or 6.

I have never seen anything like what happened in that video, and I have been on every continent, except that cold one.  On most of those continents the police are the most dangerous people you meet.

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