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Re: Got my GH3 today

captura wrote:

I am very confused by these complaints about thje GH3's EVF. How can it possibly be so much worse than the elderly G1's EVF, which I use regularly and is possibly the best I have ever encountered? Could somebody please explain what's going on here?

Now I'm near-sighted but don't wear glasses, just have the G1's diopter adjusted to my eyes.

As has been mentioned, it's not really the EVF, but the optics between the eyepiece and the screen. If your eye isn't perfectly centered, the periphery of the screen appears smeared and blurred, and the further off center your eye is, the worse the smearing.

With glasses off, the problem is much less significant. In fact, with my glasses off, I barely notice it at all. Unfortunately, my astigmatism is too bad for me to shoot without my glasses.

The screen itself is actually very good. Sharp, contrasty, and with very quick response, so you get none of the motion blur or lag that sometimes afflict the older EVFs.

After a little more time playing with the camera, I'm getting use to having to position my eye perfectly, and notice the issue less, but it's still disappointing. With glasses, I have a hard time seeing the corners of the screen, too.

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