RX100M2 Petition for Minimum shutter speed, should I bother?

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Re: Minimum AutoISO 160?

digitalphotographer wrote:

BertIverson wrote:

digitalphotographer wrote:

... One that I cannot live with is its stubbornness to not let me set the minimum shutter speed so I can get the Aperture I want while ISO floats. ...

I have to totally agree with you on this issue (minimum shutter speed in A mode).
I know you did not want a work around (S mode) but here is how I cope with this RX100 deficiency.

I shoot A mode with auto ISO.
I assigned ISO to the EAST side of the Control Wheel. (moved flash to Fn)
When shutter speed is too slow (indoor shots), I click EAST and turn up ISO.

The is the best workaround I've read so far. But without a dedicated button for ISO or exp compensation,

Well the East/Right wheel button is ISO dedicated and South/Middle  wheel button is dedicated EV compensation.

do you use the wheel for changing ISO?

Yes and for changing EV too

In any case this method is too slow for street shooting where light constantly changes for me.

Sounds like a different camera with auto ISO in M mode would suit you better.

Or I set the lower limit of the Auto ISO range to force the ISO above 125.

M2 lowest AutoISO is at 160, maybe it's different from M1?

The new M2 has a new BSI sensor so base ISO went up to 160 I guess.


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