RX100 vs RX100M2 RAW samples from ISO100 to 6400

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very revealing when put into Lightroom 5

Roland Schulz wrote:

Since I got my RX100M2 today I did some tests. If you like to compare yourself you can download the RAW files below.

Here´s a sample of what you get, both ISO400 100% crops, f6.3 at ceiling lightning. Left is RX100, right is RX100M2.

Please don´t ask me to do close up portraits of Ernie, don´t ask me for how much the Accuphase will be sold, it won´t any soon. The D4 is only for holding the 85 1.4G for showing how both cameras handle the reflections in the front lens .
Please don´t ask me for my conclusion, I don´t really have them yet. Have your own findings...


http://www.rhs-net.com/storage/RX100vsRX100M2_ISO100-ISO800.zip (144MB)

http://www.rhs-net.com/storage/RX100vsRX100M2_ISO1600-ISO6400.zip (114MB)

Thanks for these.

Putting the ISO1600-6400 shots into Lightroom 5, I see that (like the Imaging-resource samples) the mkI shots appear to have a bit more detail and are a bit brighter at the same exposure as the mkII shots. The mkII shots are less exposed (at ISO 1600-3200 by about a 1/3 stop and at ISO 6400 almost 1/2 stop I think), have less noise in the shadow areas, but also have a bit less detail - kinda looks like mkI shots with boosted noise reduction. If you equalize the difference in exposure, the apparent difference in shadow area noise will be be reduced. I assume that the lighting is identical for the shots? This would make the mkII sensor a bit less sensitive than the mkI sensor, which is interesting considering the Sony claims about increased sensitivity!

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