RX100 vs RX100M2 RAW samples from ISO100 to 6400

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Re: RX100 vs RX100M2 RAW samples from ISO100 to 6400

On first inspection the left shot looks better.  I actually misread your post so thought this was the MK2, so it seemed to make sense. I thought that maybe the same ISO gave a greater sensitivity on the MK2 meaning it was brighter, but this is obviously not the case.

Since the MK2 is supposed to have a better sensor I will try to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Perhaps the right image is showing a greater dynamic range, meaning things of the same brightness are recorded slightly darker leaving room for something even brighter which would otherwise be blown out on the left image.  So to get the same as the more vibrant image on the left you would have to expose a little more, which would then reveal more shadow detail.

If this test could be done with a dynamic range chart it may reveal whether this is the case at all.

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