Nikon D7000 Cable Release Not Working and Faulty

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Re: Nikon D7000 Cable Release Not Working and Faulty

Hi Pete.

You are in the first half year of the warranty period - which means, that WEX have to prove, that the fault wasn't there from the start or that you have made an use of the camera, which you are not to, beeing there with a screwdriver or something like that. It is normal use to try to match a wire and a contact.

This is EU-rules and you can tell WEX that you don't care what Nikon tells them. Do not let them Refer to Nikon - the warranty is their problem.

That is of course if WEX is an UK located store or netstore. Or located anywhere else in EU.

You can Google EU-warranty rules and bring them to WEX.


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